What is LearnMusicTech?

Are you ready to level-up your music production? You’ve come to the right place - welcome to LearnMusicTech.

Hi, I'm Luke Prosser, founder of LearnMusicTech - thanks for visiting!

As a musician and engineer myself, I understand that there are a number of issues that face new - and even experienced - artists and producers.

I've been through them all!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You're not sure what equipment you really need to make great mixes;
  • You have difficulty finding time to write & produce music around other commitments;
  • You struggle to finish the projects that you start;
  • You find it hard to stay organised and be effective in the studio.

Don't believe the hype

Although many production websites and marketers claim that commercial quality mixes can be achieved overnight, or by purchasing one essential course, I’m here to tell you that there is no magic fix.

Becoming a successful artist or producer does not happen overnight, even if you’ve got millions to spend and powerful connections in the industry. It takes commitment, dedication, perseverance and passion.

It's all about the journey

Music production is a journey, and often a long one at that. It’s a series of incremental discoveries and improvements that add up over time and lead to powerful results.

It’s not easy, it’s not fast and it’s not glamourous. You need to work at it. BUT you will get there, with consistent effort and hard work.

I started getting into music production 10 years ago and I’m constantly learning and developing my skills. But I love to learn, I love the process and the community, and it’s what keeps me heading back to the studio.

So, if you’re ready to level-up your music production skills, one step at a time, let’s make it happen!

Do you struggle to finish tracks?

One of the biggest problems facing producers, both new and experienced, is actually completing projects.

Ideas aren't normally the problem, we have plenty of great ideas. It's executing, developing and finishing these ideas that's the hard bit.

I certainly struggled with this, so much so that it became a bit of an obsession. I knew there had to be a way to beat it and, after a long time of research, testing and experimentation, I got over the hurdle.

To help you do the same, I put together a guide on the subject. Finish Tracks Fast is a proven and actionable 8-step process to help you stay focused, motivated and finish your projects.

Download it today, absolutely free, and start seeing results...FAST!

More about Luke

Hi there, I'm Luke and I'm a music maker and engineer sharing everything I know and learn about music production.

I’ve worked professionally as a producer, engineer and composer both freelance and for studios and film companies. I have a First Class Honours degree in Creative Music Technology and I’m also a qualified lecturer.

While teaching in classrooms, studios and lecture theatres in front of groups and classes, I quickly realised that I could help a lot more people online by posting my content for all to see.

It’s important to share what we learn, and essential to keep track and document our progress so that we can learn from what works…and what doesn't!

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