Finish Tracks with Templates

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Remove Repetition

Stop wasting energy on repetitive tasks and free creative energy.

Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Make key decisions in advance and concentrate on the music.


Speed-Up Workflow

Complete arrangements faster using tried and tested structures.

Increase Productivity

Finish tracks faster and churn out those releases.

Do you struggle with completing projects?

Are you struggling to finish tracks? One of the biggest problems for new (and even experienced) producers is finishing and releasing projects.

Do you have a hard drive full of incomplete projects? Folders and folders of sketches and ideas?

Writer's block, decision fatigue, lack of creativity...we've all been there.

I know the struggle

For a long time I personally struggled with finishing tracks. My production skills were getting to a good standard, but I kept getting stuck in the 8-bar loop, never quite able to fully arrange and complete the mix on a track.

After a lot of research, reading, testing and experimentation, I developed a series of proven strategies that destroy writer's block, free creativity and, ultimately, get tracks FINISHED.

The solution

One of the best ways to get over this hurdle is by levelling up our workflow and increasing efficiency using templates.

I'm a firm believer in this method, seeing an amazing impact on my own productivity as well as that of my students.

Templates are simple to set up, quick to implement and have a huge return on investment, having the power to transform your workflow, generate effective habits and get the job done, every time.

The ultimate guide to working with templates

If you struggle with completing your creations, I know your pain. But it doesn't have to be this way anymore.

Using templates is one of the key strategies to better mixes, finishing tracks and increasing your output. I've written a full guide on my template process and will be releasing it for you to level-up your production process in the same way.

Although I'm working in Logic Pro in this series, the techniques used are by no means limited to a particular DAW either. The processes and skills you'll learn in this guide can be applied anywhere, whatever tools you're using.

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