Finish Tracks Fast

8 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Workflow

Proven Workflow

Tried and tested system for working smart and getting things done.

Eliminate Distraction

Techniques to focus the mind and work intentionally.


Fast Results

Easy-to-follow process to stay motivated and get results.


Achieve Goals

A complete, methodical approach for repeating success.

Do you struggle with completing projects?


One of the biggest problems for new (and even experienced) producers is finishing and releasing projects.

Do you have a hard drive full of incomplete tracks? Folders and folders of sketches and ideas?

Writer’s block, decision fatigue, lack of creativity…we’ve all been there.


I know the struggle


For a long time I personally struggled with finishing tracks. My production skills were getting to a good standard, but I kept getting stuck in the ‘8-bar loop’, never quite able to fully arrange and complete the mix on a track.

I was spending my days producing work for clients and, by the time it came to working on my own material, my creative energy was spent.

To get good at anything, you need to apply consistent effort. However, maybe you’re in a full time job? Or you have a family to take care of?

It can be difficult to organise your time and stay consistent when life gets in the way.

However, there are some key strategies that you can apply, no matter what your circumstances, that will help you to finish your tracks and achieve success.


The solution


Finish Tracks Fast is the product of many months of research, testing and experimentation.

During this period, I developed a series of proven strategies that focus the mind, destroy writer’s block and, ultimately, get tracks FINISHED.

In this 28-page guide, I outline 8 simple and actionable steps that you can put in place today to see results.

Download your copy, absolutely free, and start finishing tracks today!