LMT EDM Project Template

Supercharge your Logic Pro workflow


Speed-up your workflow

Eliminate repetition


Finish tracks


Includes samples & presets

Take your music to the next level

One of the most effective methods that I've used to enable me to finish tracks and increase my output, above anything else, is templates.

Music can be written in endless combinations. While this is what makes it magical, it's a nightmare when it comes to creating your own piece. There are simply too many options.

Templates provide rules and limitations to help you shape your music.

They're also efficient. Starting music projects from scratch is a waste of time. Much of the work we do is repetitive, especially the setup of a project.

Depending on your genre and writing style, you can be certain that there are a certain number of commonalities among all of your productions. The type of instruments used, the synth sounds you create, the drum samples you end up reaching for when inspiration hits, and so on.

For this reason, templates should form an essential part of your workflow.

There are commonalities that you apply in all of your productions, so why not set these up ahead of time?

Download your copy now!

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Packed with features:

  • Pre-defined structure ready to go

  • Essential processing applied (Gain, EQ, Compression)

  • Pre-configured stem groups (as Track Stacks)

  • Auxiliary effects routing (essential time and spatial effects)

  • Pre-selected software instruments including presets

  • LMT House Drums Vol 1 included (built into EXS24 sampler)

  • Fully colour-coded plus icons