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Get a fresh pair of ears on your mixes

Want some feedback?

Is your mix missing something? Is it lacking some polish? Are the drums punchy enough? Or do you just want to run it by another set of ears? Whatever stage you're at, it's important to get some mix feedback.

So many elements make up a great mix, and there's always somewhere to improve. It's important to remember that a mix is never 'perfect', but it can be finished.

Lending an ear

My own mixes are definitely not perfect! But that's what I love about production, there's always something to learn and somewhere to improve.

It' important to get feedback on your mixes, whether that's from a pro or simply someone whose opinion you trust and who you know will be honest and productive in their critique.

Another perspective

Over the last 8 years I've mixed and mastered tracks for commercial release, radio, TV and live events, and taught production and mix techniques to students at all levels and abilities.

I offer a simple and straightforward mix feedback service - simply send your track as a full quality WAV or AIFF and I'll review it carefully and honestly.

Depending on the level of detail you'd prefer, I offer 250-, 500- and 1000-word reviews covering a complete checklist of mix essentials, from writing and arrangement, to gain staging and phase alignment.

Want to level-up your mixes?

For more information about the service, pricing, and any questions, contact me below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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