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Are you ready to level-up your music production? Time to start.

If you’re an artist, music producer or engineer looking to improve your skills and learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start – how can I help?

The content and resources available at LearnMusicTech are constantly building as I add more to the site and broaden my own knowledge.

I’ve outlined a number of my most popular posts to get you started in some key areas:


It all starts with the right state of mind. Writing and production can be a lonely endeavour at times, so it helps to have a solid set of strategies in place to stay motivated and stay productive.


There’s no such thing as a perfect mix, but in order to improve, you need to finish tracks…and lots of them. In these articles I explore strategies and techniques to eliminate procrastination, improve workflow and increase output.


It goes without saying that technique is pretty darn essential if you’re going to get anywhere in music production. Here are some tips and advice to get started on the road to better mixes.


No music producer is complete without a selection of go-to instruments and samples at their disposal. I’ll continue to build this list as I track down more materials from the world wide web.