Proven System

Beautifully simple, tried and tested workflow

Eliminate Distraction

Easy-to-follow process to focus on what matters

Clear Roadmap

Know where you're heading and stay on track


Fast Results

Work smart and finish your mixes today

Do you struggle to finish your music?

Do you struggle with writing and arranging? Do you ever find yourself getting lost in the '8-bar loop', wondering where to go next?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of quick solution to map out the perfect arrangement, every time?

Do you want to finish tracks consistently?

You need to know where you're going when writing your music. You need a plan.

The Track KO Cheatsheet provides simple and FAST techniques that you can use to achieve results right away.

Download the Track KO Cheatsheet for FREE and level-up your music production today!

  • Print it out as an at-a-glance reference;
  • Follow each step until complete;
  • Use the cheatsheet over and over again to finish those tunes.